Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘One More Time With Feeling’ Review

“One More Time With Feeling” is the heartbreaking tale of how Nick Cave turned the grief surrounding the tragic death of his 15-year-old son into “Skeleton Tree” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ latest album.

The documentary, which was screened in select cinemas across the world on Thursday, September 9th, 2016, features interviews with Cave, as well as footage of him recording his new album at Air Studios in London, where his creativity has been inspired by his son’s passing.

Director Andrew Dominik (renowned for “The Assassination of Jesse James”) builds stunning visuals around Cave’s disembodied sound of the new record, combining 3D imagery with stark black-and-white imagery. Cave also provides a retrospective voiceover, which is brilliantly edited to fit around the conversations he is having in real time.

The vast majority of the 112 minute running time is taken up by performances of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ new tracks, taken from the “Skeleton Tree” album. The power and emotion of each one is heightened by Cave’s brutally honest interview answers about his well-being, as well as the simple, yet effective set-up for each of the songs (the 3D camera continuously circling around Cave’s piano).

As “One More Time With Feeling” progresses, fashion designer Susie Bick (Nick Cave’s wife) becomes more of a prominent figure in the documentary. In one of the film’s most touching scenes, she shows off Arthur’s painting of a local windmill, while Cave sits by her side, deep in his thoughts. It quickly becomes evident that the couple used their tragic loss to drive themselves and their careers forward.

Overall, despite being slightly repetitive at times, “One More Time With Feeling” is a memorising documentary and an excellent insight into Nick Cave. If you’re a fan of Nick Cave, this is a must-see.

Due to overwhelming demand, additional screenings of “One More Time With Feeling” have been added in a number of cinemas. Click here to view the listings.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ “Skeleton Tree” is available worldwide on vinyl, CD and across all digital platforms.